Quantitative Risk Assessment

Are you responsible for safety and protection of a business in a high-hazard industry?

Are you confident that all the hazards with potential to cause a major disruption have been effectively identified?

Do you find the changing legal requirements and identification of hazardous situations complex and confusing?

Are you concerned that there are risks you may have over-looked?

An independent Quantitative Risk Assessment Study will give you peace of mind. With the minimum disruption to your business a dedicated team, with wide experience in developing schemes to mitigate risk and combat the effects of fires and explosions, will examine every aspect of your operation. A comprehensive report will identify where and when hazards will be encountered and highlight all potential accidents or events that could be a risk. It will outline any factors that may increase the likelihood or severity of an incident and the possible consequences.


  • The study includes a hazard register to identify and place all potential hazards. It will outline accident scenarios that may cause a hazard release as well as possible consequences and factors that could increase the likelihood or severity of an incident
  • It will identify possible failure scenarios from leaks to fireball events involving gas, liquids and LPG as well as the consequences of various forms of fire, heat radiation, explosions and toxic gas release
  • Includes modeling studies that look at flammability, toxicity and environmental hazards including contamination
  • Examines up to 20 specific failure scenarios and provide clear, illustrated information
  • Software that specifically analyses Emergency Management will be used to look at the consequences of a hazard release over the entire plant
  • Potential risks to employees, members of the public, assets, property as well as disruption to business and the environment will be examined and recommendations made
  • The study will give you an outline of the range and level of risks at various on-site locations and the nearby area. It includes any measures needed to reduce risk, looks at their technical and economic feasibility and evaluates their effectiveness.


  • You can be 100% confident that the whole spectrum of potential hazards within your business is identified. A register will evaluate all risk, including those that may not have been previously recognised
  • Risks are measured and assessed objectively to give you a clearly defined set of priorities
  • It is cost-effective, ensuring that your budget is not wasted on risk control measures which are unnecessary or ineffective
  • You are guaranteed an independent assessment carried out by a team that is highly experienced in conducting formal safety studies to the highest and latest standards
  • Your workforce, site, assets, equipment and reputation are protected and the risk of costly disruption to your company reduced

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