Hazard Identification Study

Are you responsible for the safety and protection of a business in a high-hazard industry?

Is legal compliance a concern or do you feel that some aspects of safety are not assessed?

Do you want to join the growing number of companies who are confident that they have the best possible safety systems and protection plans in place – above and beyond the legal requirements?

Whatever the size of your company, CFB Risk Management’s Hazard ID and Risk Assessment will give you a ‘gold standard’, independent and comprehensive picture of potential risks to your business. A tailored risk assessment will advise how you can best protect your business including outlining specific scenarios through to emergency response plans and recommendations for improvements.

A regularly up-dated operational plan provides an invaluable training aid for your staff and our project team is there to support your own safety team.


  • With minimum disruption to your business, all data is collected, existing plans checked, legal requirements confirmed and an independent review and
    recommendations prepared to give you the highest level of safety and protection
  • You receive a comprehensive overview of site risk and detailed information of risks to buildings. It includes a visual representation that gives an instant lay- out including the position of fire exits, extinguishers and escape routes
  • The assessment identifies all hazards including low, medium and high risks from corrosives and natural gases to cryogenic liquids and radioactivity with information presented in a readable and easily understandable format
  • Tailored specifically to your site, it examines everything from emergency action, specific scenarios, accidental releases and restrictions to external risks such as transport, environmental concerns and access routes
  • A detailed plan of the site provides all relevant risk information as well as emergency response plans and the action needed to support the emergency services
  • A detailed Operational Plan also acts as an invaluable training aid for your staff
  • The dedicated project team we allocate to your business works closely with your team and outside partners in the event of any incidents


  • You can be 100% confident that the whole spectrum of your business is covered with all areas and potential weaknesses identified, including those that may not have been previously recognised
  • With the identification of major accident hazards and fire risks you have the best possible protection for your people, site, assets, equipment, reputation and to prevent costly disruption to your business
  • Peace of mind comes with the knowledge that you are fully compliant and the comprehensive review and detailed plan in place will be up-dated with any new legislation or changes to your site or business operation and available as an on- going training aid
  • You can be confident that your budget is spent effectively thanks to advice on priorities

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