FEHM IP19 Audit

Are you responsible for protecting your business against the hazard of fire, explosion and release of toxic materials?

Do you find the changing legal requirements and identification of hazardous situations complex and confusing?

Are you concerned that there are risks you may have over-looked?

An FEHM IP19 Audit will provide the answers. With the minimum of disruption to your business a dedicated Audit team will examine every aspect of your business operation with regard to FEHM. It will give you a comprehensive report that benchmarks your company’s position against a globally recognised standard and make recommendations in 16 key areas. It is designed to ensure your workforce, site, assets, equipment and reputation are protected and reduce the risk of costly disruption to your company. It can save you time and money and give you peace of mind about a vital area of your operation.


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Self Assessment

Carry out a FREE Fire Hazard Management (FEHM). Our simple questionaire only takes around 20-30 mins.

FEHM Consultation

Arrange for one of our Technical Advisors to carry out a FREE Fire Explosion Hazard Management (FEHM) Health Check for you.



  • A web-based audit tool, that can be accessed by you and the CFB Risk Management project team, identifies all major accident hazards and fire risks so that you can protect your people, site, assets, equipment, reputation and prevent costly disruption to your business
  • It comprehensively examines every aspect from your site, buildings, equipment, processes and storage to staff training
  • Each of your major accident hazards can be assessed to identify the true cost and impact should an incident occur
  • It can provide an opportunity to bench mark one area of your company against another
  • It identifies areas of strength and weakness against a globally recognised standard to give you a benchmark and grades your performance on a scale of 1 to 5
  • A clear, detailed and illustrated report gives you recommendations in 16 key areas including site and equipment arrangement, secondary containment, emergency isolation, shutdown, environmental considerations, fire risk management programmes, fire-proofing and barriers, flammable vapour detection, fixed fire protection systems, emergency response planning and post-fire recovery
  • It provides a summary of the consequences and loss involved in a major accident including possible legal action, injury compensation, plant replacement, loss of assets and disruption to business
  • A dedicated project team is allocated to your business, working closely with your own team and continuing to provide support and advice whenever it is needed


  • You can be 100% confident that the whole spectrum of your business is covered with all areas and potential weaknesses identified, including those that may not have been previously recognised
  • An overall site score helps you quickly identify areas of weakness and a ranking system highlights the immediate areas to focus on
  • Our specially-developed, unique, ground-breaking software provides you with comprehensive and readily understandable information. Regular up-dates give you confidence that any changes you make are safely recorded
  • It is cost-efficient, helping you to prioritise your budget by identifying relevant areas for immediate action and avoid wasteful expenditure

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