Emergency Preparedness Audit

Are you responsible for the safety and protection of a business in a high-hazard industry including your company’s internal Emergency Response Team?

Are you confident that your team has the competence and capability to deal with all potential major accident hazards?

Are you sure that your Emergency Response Team is fully prepared, efficient and effective in every aspect of their role?

Does your team adopt new ways of working to ensure continuous improvement?

An Emergency Preparedness Audit will provide you with all the answers. With the minimum disruption to your business a dedicated team with considerable experience in emergency services management will independently review your whole system – including prevention, protection, preparedness and response through to effective risk management, health and safety, training and development.

We use the industry standard toolkit to examine the whole of your emergency response cover. It is recommended that an independent review of the key areas of assessment is undertaken at least every two years and is a prerequisite for companies looking to continuously improve and benchmark themselves against the best.

Our Audit will check that your Emergency Response Team (ERT) has the following in place:-

  • An effective, evidence- based risk strategy that reflects the nature of your business and identifies and prioritizes risks
  • Effective risk analysis that plans, prepares and delivers prevention, protection, incident support and response, health, safety, training and development activities as well as improving performance
  • A clear incident prevention strategy
  • Effective prevention activities and engagement with all site workers
  • Measurement and evaluation of prevention activities and improvements
  • Clear regulatory fire safety strategy
  • Measurement and evaluation of protection activities
  • Clearly defined and effective arrangements linked to your Integrated Risk Management Plan
  • Effective plans in place, covering all areas of the company, to deal with operational incidents that could have a significant impact
  • A response strategy linked to your major risks
  • Continuous evaluation of your response activities
  • Call management and incident support strategy
  • Structure for improving Health, Safety and Welfare responsibilities and activities
  • Policies and assessment for effective and continuous training, development and assessment of competence


  • Provides company executives with the information needed to ensure their operational service delivery is efficient, effective and robust
  • Confidence that the whole spectrum of your internal Emergency Response team responsibilities are performed to the highest standards
  • Provides the base for continuous improvement
  • Recommends the best operational good practice to support the health, safety, welfare and development of all ERT staff
  • Provides a fully independent assessment conducted by a team that is highly skilled and experienced within the emergency service sector

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