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Pipeline is an encrypted web-based geographical information system (GIS) application that delivers an interactive map view of a pipeline location, inventory information, incident status and engineering records. Pipeline can also be readily adapted to manage other linear systems, such as cables, roads and rail.

Many network operators have realised that the starting point for a strong asset management system is precise knowledge of the asset location

Pipeline has an easy-to-use interface, which enables cross-country pipeline owners and operators to easily visualise their assets and their surrounding environment.

Pipeline network

Decision support tools allow its users to effectively manage engineering and maintenance data, such as overlaying an NDT imagery layer over the pipeline to see the pipewall thickness at any location or determining the nearest road, rail or river crossing.

Pipeline provides secure online access to a map view of an organisation’s pipeline network. Control room personnel and other authorised users can simply log in to access up-to-date information about the pipeline and analyse this information in support of critical operational decisions.

Quickly Locate and Track Pipeline Inventory

Users can easily determine the real-time location of products in transit within the pipeline. Storage tank volumes and grades can all be displayed on top of the map of the pipeline or tank equipment.

The system performs automatic alerts, which can be configured to include automatic email, the broadcasting of pre-recorded voice, SMS text and pager, providing an additional alarm system that complements the physical alarm system, doubling the likelihood of preventing a storage tank’s capacity being exceeded and compromised.

Pipeline network

Improves Incident Control

Provides an owner/operator with a map view of the pipeline and associated infrastructure. The system allows the capture of crucial incident information, such as the exact location of a pipeline release.

Easy-to-use tools enable users to quickly determine the potential impact of an incident on the surrounding area and locate nearby emergency services, hospitals, response personnel, environment agents and spill response equipment.

Increase Engineering Efficiency

Accurately relate geographic location to inspection data and engineering design.

Improve Safety & Minimise Environmental Impact

The mapping interface enables users to view and accurately determine ‘high-consequence areas’, where a pipeline incident could have a significant impact on public safety.

Integrity Pipeline Management

Modules provide the tools to manage and accurately align inspection data, assess results and establish repair plans.

Data Storage Option

We can store, manage and maintain your pipeline data on our secure servers in the US & UK.

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