Hydrant Flow Testing

Hydrant flow testing is just one of the services we offer to help ensure your fire suppression system will protect your workforce, site, assets, equipment and reputation, reducing the risk of costly disruption to production in the event of an emergency.

From design, commissioning and installation to maintenance and regular testing; we can provide the expertise and independent advice you need.


  • Prior to every site visit a precise Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS) is prepared
  • Checks on the system include water monitors, tanks, water flow rates, deluge and release valves, hose washers and sprinkler systems. The system is checked for specific scenarios and potential failures. Tests ensure the system can cope for extended periods, not just initially
  • When testing, any changes on site (or other aspects that could affect performance or efficiency) are monitored including changes to buildings, placement of equipment or other items near hydrants


  • You can be 100% confident that your hydrants are maintained in the best possible condition to operate efficiently when needed
  • You are guaranteed an independent assessment and testing carried out by people with considerable specialist expertise and accreditations. They have experience of working closely with insurance assessors, as commissioning engineers, with equipment manufacturers, working overseas and offshore. They are equipped with the latest state- of- the -art equipment
  • The evaluation of risks, thorough testing and independent advice on your system ensures efficiency and eliminates unnecessary expenditure

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