Fire Pump Testing and Maintenance

Are you responsible for the safety and protection of a business in a high-hazard industry?

Are you confident that your fire pump (operating at the heart of a system protecting your workforce, premises, site and equipment) meets the required standards?

Is it operating efficiently and with other areas of your fire suppression system?

Are you sure that your maintenance and testing programme is thorough and gives you a complete and up-to-date picture of its current performance level?

Fire Pump Testing & Maintenance

Whether your business is protected by portable fire pumps or those capable of delivering up to 1600 gallons per minute, they are at the heart of your system, along with the water supply whether taken from tanker, ground, sea or river.

These systems and pumps are often used irregularly or only ever for testing, so can have considerable demands placed upon them in an emergency.

From advice, design, commissioning and installation to maintenance and regular testing, we can provide the expertise and independent assessment to ensure your system is the best that it can be.


  • Prior to every site visit a precise Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS) is prepared from information you have supplied
  • A performance curve provides you with a graph of pressure measurements at each testing from your fire pump’s original condition to the latest test. It gives a valuable benchmark and an up-to-date and accurate display of its current condition
  • Our independent assessment and testing is carried out by people with decades of specialist expertise and a range of accreditations. They have experience of working with insurance assessors, commissioning engineers, safety equipment manufacturers, overseas and offshore and are equipped with the latest state- of- the -art equipment.


  • You can be 100% confident that your fire pumps, valves and supply system have been thoroughly assessed and inspected. A register will evaluate all risks
  • Expert maintenance, servicing and testing helps identify potential problems before they occur, avoid breakdowns and save costly repair bills
  • Problems can usually be fixed on site but, if not, we have specialist workshops that will carry out necessary repairs or modifications quickly
  • We can help you spend your budget efficiently and without waste

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