Fire Protection Systems

Are you responsible for the safety and protection of a business in a high-hazard industry?

Can you be 100% confident that your fire suppression system will operate as designed in an emergency?

Does it meet legal and insurance company requirements?

Is it well designed and fully integrated to work efficiently, providing the right protection for your premises and site? Has it been properly commissioned?

Are you certain that regular maintenance and testing is accurately carried out so you have an up-to-date picture of its current condition?

Has the hazard which it’s protecting changed since it was originally installed?

Fire Protection Systems

Your Fire Suppression System protects your workforce, premises, site and equipment ensuring continuity of business and your reputation.

From design, commissioning and installation to maintenance and regular testing, we can provide the expertise, independent assessment and regular testing to ensure your fire suppression systems are fit for purpose and ready for use.

Whether you have a system that is fully automatic or manually operated you need peace of mind that it will operate at 100% efficiency when you need it and at a moment’s notice.

Our expertise and experience has helped to identify problems and shortfalls with systems that were thought to be operating efficiently – from infrastructure, water input and quality, testing and commissioning faults to system failures.


  • Prior to every site visit a precise Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS) is prepared from information that you supply
  • Every site is unique and our thorough site audit not only identifies individual problems with equipment or problems with the overall system but also closely examines its suitability for your site and premises
  • You receive a full and detailed report after each site visit outlining our findings, action taken, test results and any additional recommendations


  • You can be 100% confident that your whole system has been independently assessed and tested
  • Our expert advice helps avoid unnecessary spending or costly mistakes. It is important to ensure you get it right when purchasing and installing expensive systems and equipment

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