Fire Engineering Design and Analysis

Are you 100% confident that the substantial investment your business is making in a new building will be properly protected in the event of fire, explosion or toxic release?

Are you aware that expert fire safety and design forms a vital part of your building design to keep people safe?

Are you confident that your building, whether new or modified, will meet all necessary safety legislation and regulations?


  • Expert fire engineering design and analysis gives you the key to protecting your new building, workforce and assets
  • Expertise that provides vital assessment and planning at the earliest design stage
  • Analysis and design tailored to your business objectives and strategies as well as to the building design and layout
  • We ensure that your design and building will meet all required fire and safety legislation and regulations
  • Our analysis covers everything from assessing fire safety to the design and placement of fire suppression systems
  • We provide advice, risk assessment, supervision of construction and inspection from design stage to completion


  • Our expertise means we can analyse and evaluate a number of fire scenarios to design a system that provides the highest level of safety with minimum modifications to your building design
  • Getting it right at the vital design stage ensures that your plans are cost-effective
  • Confidence that the best systems and safety provisions will be in place to protect your new building, workforce, business and reputation

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