Emergency Response Plans

Do you have a strong response plan in place, before any incident occurs, that addresses major hazards at your site? Do the plans outline your strategy and actions to be taken by response teams?

Are you sure that your emergency team has a plan in place for the vital first 20-30 minutes of an incident that will protect your people and property? Do they have a strategy in place if the incident escalates?

Are you confident that you are meeting all necessary legislation and regulations, such as COMAH, needed for emergency response planning?

We have developed advanced emergency management software that is unique to CFB Risk Management. It provides a comprehensive series of support tools, emergency planning systems, modelling and simulations that play important roles in giving critical information to evaluate and produce the best Emergency Response Plan for your business. Our services are tailored to your individual business and for site-specific risks.


  • A number of specific incident plans to cover your entire site and deal with the impact of a number of different accident hazard scenarios including the risks of jet flames, radiant heat hazard areas, gas releases, toxic release and overpressure
  • Plans are specific to your installation, systems and equipment
  • They are aimed at preventing accidents and dealing with emergency situations
  • In the event of an emergency they will ensure that people are rescued quickly and effectively
  • They include concise (only one or two pages) and easily understandable plans for use by all members of your internal or external Emergency Response Team, with key actions outlined for three main response phases


  • Our expertise means you have access to the knowledge and experience needed to provide your business and operators with all the guidance, written instructions and information they need to deal with a range of emergency scenarios
  • Our Emergency Response Plans are prepared with the help of advanced software unique to CFB Risk Management
  • Effective pre-planning helps to mitigate the after-effects of emergencies and ensure continuity of business
  • You can be confident that the best systems and provision for safety are in place to protect your premises, personnel, business and reputation

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