Case Study Navigator Terminals

CFB Risk management provides 24/7 emergency response and crisis management support at the Seal Sands Terminal as well as Incident Controller and Main Site Controller training and exercising and a Stand-by Emergency Control Centre (ECC) in the event of a major incident.Navigator Terminals is a world leader and specialises in the storage and handling of oil products, liquid chemicals and gas, operating 80 terminals in 28 countries.

“We were delighted to win this contract as international companies such as Navigator Terminals have very stringent tendering procedures.”
CFB Risk Management, Technical Director

The UK’s largest independent bulk liquid storage provider with over 1.5 million cubic metres of storage available. The company operates four terminals, each strategically located in major UK ports and serving key demand centres within the UK.

CFB Risk Management has since been awarded a service extension to incorporate 24/7 Emergency Response, protecting Navigator Terminal Assets from Fire and providing Technical Rescue support in the event of an emergency.

“Safety is our first priority and we are pleased to be working with CFB Risk Management as its skills and expertise are internationally recognised.”
Navigator Terminals, Chief Executive